The Gas-LNG Power Expo 2018 is the most important exhibition for engine makers, turbomachinery manufacturers, LNG operators, LNG developers, technology providers, storage developers to showcase products, services, capabilities, competence to the ever growing gas market of Indonesia. The country need tremendous infrastructure for gas and LNG, which currently are being developed. Join the Expo and grab the potential opportunities!

A Glance of Gas-LNG Power Generation

Over the past couple of decades, natural gas (NG) has become a fuel of choice for power generation. Production and transportation technology have developed considerably and NG is gaining popularity in other sectors, especially transport –both in marine and onshore. Even private vehicles are using an increasing amount of natural gas in its compressed form. A crucial factor in enabling the spread of natural gas into new sectors is the development of NG distribution networks. Today, the most common method of distributing NG is via pipeline. However, the construction of pipelines requires significant resources in terms of investment and time, as well as overcoming bureaucracy. Also, for these pipelines to be profitable gas volumes must be large. Another way of increasing the availability of NG is through the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Exhibition & Summit Layout