Agenda & Speakers

Day 1 : Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Day 1

09:00        Keynote Speech: Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia


09:30        Keynote Remarks from CEO of PT PLN (Persero)


10:00-11:00       Exhibition Opening Ceremony


11:20-12:00        PT Indonesia Power’s Role in Indonesia Electricity Generation

                                             Speaker(s):         CEO, PT Indonesia Power


12:00-12:30       Opportunities & Challenges on Future Coal Fired Power Plants

    • Outlook on future coal fired power generation in Java & other islands
    • Issues in financing Indonesia coal-fired power projects nowadays
    • Technology options for future coal power generation in Indonesia


Lunch Break: 12:30-13:35


13:35-14:00    Gas-LNG to Power; Outlook & Challenges

  • Main challenges for Gas/LNG utilisation for power generation
  • Financing issues on Gas/LNG power projects nowadays



14:00-14:35         Future Grid of Indonesia & Its Power Supply

  • Integration with renewable power

                                                     Speaker(s)  : Head of System Planning Division, PT PLN (Persero)



14:35-15:15         EPC Forum Discussion

                           Challenges in Power Generation EPC Industry

  • Partnership in future power projects
  • Managing financial budget on large power projects








Day 2 : Thursday, 28 November, 2019
Day 2

08:40-09:15         The Future of Western Java Electricity Posture

                                                                                                            Speaker(s):         Director for Western Java Business Areas, PT PLN (Persero)


09:15-10:20                                                                         Renewable Session


                              Hydro Power Presentation & Panel Discussion

                                      “Hindrance & Challenges of Hydro Power Development in Indonesia”

  • Main obstacles that hinder hydro power development
  • Financing challenges on hydro power project



                             Solar Power Presentation & Panel Discussion

                                      “Developing & Financing Solar Power in Indonesia”

  • The outlook of solar power in Indonesia
  • Batteries and combination with fossil fueled engines
  • Business scheme solar power in isolated grid


Coffee break: 10:20 - 11:00


11:00-11:35       Financing Panel Discussion

                                      “Financing Outlook & Challenges on Indonesian Power Projects”

  • Bankability Indonesian power project based on new PPA
  • Key elements to finance power projects today
  • The appetite of Indonesian SOE banks to finance power project



11:35-12:00    East Java, Bali & Nusa Tenggara Electricity System: Challenges & Outlook


                                                                                                          Speaker(s) : Director for Eastern Java, Bali & Nusa Tenggara Business Areas, PT PLN (Persero)

Lunch Break: 12:10-13:10

13:10-13:55        Presentation & Panel Discussion

                                      “Reliable Power To Increase Competitiveness of the Industries”

    • Fulfilling electricity demand from the SECs & industrial estates
    • Industrial estates needs for large power supply



                                “Outlook and Power Needs for Industries & Smelters”

                                                                                                           Speaker(s):        Krakatau Steel


13:55-14:40       Outlook on Power Plant Procurement

    • PPA "Terms & Conditions" based on ESDM Regulation
    • RUPTL actualisation timeline

                                                                                                           Speaker(s):  Head of IPP Division, PT PLN


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